Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Glutathione –Essential for Health & Vitality

This fall a guest told me of the remarkable improvement she saw in a friend who saw Dr. Mabray in Victoria. She was not sure what he had done but she was amazed at how it had dramatically boosted her friend’s health. You may remember from Hormones, Health & Happiness that is was Dr. Dick Mabray who introduced Dr. Hotze to Armour Thyroid. I have had the chance to get to know Dr. Mabray over the years and I called him to find out what he was doing that was so effective. Dr. Mabray shared with me that he had recently found a new product and he was seeing remarkable results. I have been using this product myself for a couple of months and I am convinced you need to know about this product created by Dr. Robert Keller to boost glutathione levels.

In February of 2007 Dr John Nielson, the 159th president of the AMA said:
“This product, in my opinion, represents the single most important breakthrough in health that I will witness in my life time. I believe it will revolutionize, change, and transform the practice of medicine world-wide and make Dr Robert Keller more famous than Jonas Salk who created the polio vaccine.”
John Nielson MD, Former president AMA

How many nutritional supplements do you hear leading physicians recommend?
How many times have you heard someone in the medical community get this excited about any medical breakthrough? Have you ever heard a natural supplement described this way?
This article will introduce you to the supplement Dr. Nielson was referring to and why it is so important. MaxGXL™ is a patented natural product which doubles and even triples our intracellular glutathione – a substance essential to our health and well-being.

Why is Glutathione Essential to Health?
Glutathione - pronounced 'gloota-thigh-own' is found in all cells in the body. Our life depends on glutathione. Without it, our cells would be destroyed from unrestrained oxidation. MaxGXL™ has been clinically proven to dramatically increase the amount of intracellular glutathione.

Each and every cell in the body is responsible for its own supply of glutathione and must have the necessary raw materials in order to produce it. Glutathione is always in great demand and is rapidly consumed when we experience any sort of emotional or physical stress, fatigue and even moderate exercise.After age 20 our glutathione levels begin to fall Research shows that levels decline by 8% to 12% per decade, beginning at the ripe age of only 20. Decreased levels of glutathione can be further increased by physical stressors such as injury, inflammation, infections, and toxins such as heavy metals as well as emotional stress.

Glutathione's three major roles in the body are summarized by the letters A-B-C - Antioxidant - Blood Booster - Cell Detoxifier
A - The Master Antioxidant (fights biologic “rusting”)
Over the past thirty years, researchers have explored the role of antioxidants in good health as well as the treatment and prevention ofdiseases involving oxidative damage. As the graph above shows, we have more and more oxidative damage as our glutathione levels drop. This “biologic rusting” causes inflammation which leads to damage throughout the body such as in the blood vessels which can lead to heart attacks or the brain and lead to dementia.
We need to take in antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C and E from our diet and supplements; however, these antioxidants can only work when the “master antioxidant” glutathione is present.

B – Blood & Immune System Health
Glutathione plays a central role in the proper function of the white blood cells. Dr. Bustavo Bounous, a leading glutathione expert, says, 'Thelimiting factor in the proper activity of our lymphocytes (the white blood cells) is the availability of glutathione.' In other words, healthy growthand activity of the white blood cells depends upon glutathione’s availability. Put simply, glutathione is 'food' for the white blood cells and our immune system.
C - Cellular Detoxifier
we are continually inhaling, absorbing & ingesting chemicals that need to be detoxified by our body. Glutathione is one of the primary ways in which our body neutralizes these toxins and eliminates them from our bodies.


Glutathione has been shown to slow down the aging process, detoxify and improve liver function, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the chances of developing cancer. Glutathione also works to help improve mental functions, increase energy, improve concentration, permit increased exercise, and improve heart and lung function - just to name a few.

The Challenge of restoring glutathione
Unfortunately, we can’t raise our body’s glutathione level with ordinary foods or pure L-glutathione. Even though glutathione is present in many fruits, vegetables and meats, this protein is instantly broken down during digestion into its three amino acids. Cysteine, or N-acetylcysteine (NAC), is the most important of these precursors and is the main limiting factor necessary for the body to manufacture glutathione. Alone in the gut after digestion, cysteine is treated as a free radical and rapidly oxidized. Consequently, only a very small percentage reaches our bloodstream and cells.
Furthermore, glutathione is always in great demand and is rapidly consumed, so any glutathione that is made will be used up quickly making it even more difficult to increase this level.

The Solution: MaxGXL™
After years of research and development, Dr. Keller and the Max International scientific team developed MaxGXL, a product that contained the necessary components of glutathione that when absorbed into the body; stimulate the body’s own production of glutathione to be used by every cell.

MaxGXL Patented Formula Dramatically Increases Intracellular Glutathione.MaxGXL provides the proper nutrients needed to promote the body's own ability to manufacture and absorb glutathione. MaxGXL also aids in liver support, thus helping the liver to function as the main production site and storehouse for glutathione.

How Do We Know MaxGXL™ increases Glutathione levels?
The graph below shows the increase in glutathione levels experienced by 4 groups of people. Group 1 was tested after 6 months of use, while Groups 2, 3 and 4 were tested after only 3 months of the MaxGXL regimen.

What are the benefits of taking MaxGXL™ ?
We do not have a formal clinical study on the benefits but we can report that in our experience most who have taken MaxGXL for 1-3 months see noticeable improvements in their health.
Those taking MaxGXL have reported numerous benefits including:
- energy improved
- concentration improved
- improved exercise capacity and performance
- less anxiety and lower levels of stress
- back & joint pain
- restless leg syndrome
- asthma
- brain fog
- improved age related skin changes

How can I order MaxGXL?
The bottom line is this is natural supplement that really works. Dr. Keller is making MaxGXL available widely via distributers. Let me encourage you to see if you do not notice improved health and vitality with MaxGXL. MaxGXL can be ordered by going to http://www.naturalwellnesschoices.com/, click on the MaxGXL graph/picture. If you have questions, you can call Mandy Jacobs at 361-574-9697 (this is at Dr. Mabray’s Victoria office). If you order the MaxGXL I will be happy to send you some additional information by email.

To Your Health!
Don Ellsworth, M.D.

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