Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stimulants lead to Increased Risk for Sudden Death in Children 7 Fold

Stimulants lead to Increased Risk for Sudden Death in Children 7 Fold
American Journal of Psychiatry June 15 2009

Previous studies have shown that stimulants like Ritalin have an increased risk of high blood pressure and medical visits. A new well done study just released June 15th looked at 7-19 year olds who died of sudden death and compared them to those the same age and sex who died in motor vehicle accidents. There was a seven fold increase in the use of stimulants used in treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in those who died suddenly versus those who died in traffic accidents. This study gives strong evidence that stimulant use dramatically increases the risk of sudden death by 7 fold or over 700% increase!

FDA Response: If this had been a report on a supplement you would have heard about it on all the news channels and the producers of the supplement would be shut down immediately. Instead, the FDA urged caution in interpreting the results and suggested the report should not serve as the basis for parents to stop a child’s stimulant medication. No bottles of medications are being seized. No factories shut down.

While the FDA points out correctly that since the risk of sudden death in children is rare, the absolute number of sudden deaths is going to be low. We must remember are talking about medications that are often used for questionable reasons in children which have lethal side effects. No country in the world comes close to drugging their children like the USA.

Natural Approaches to ADHD
We must find a better way to help children with attention problems. What are some natural ways to improve ADHD? By far and away, proper nutrition is the most important issue.

Eat Nutritious Food
Avoiding sugar, high fructose corn syrup & food additives
Identify food allergies (wheat and dairy are the two most common)
Omega 3 supplements (fish oil)

Dr. Stitt and her husband developed a school healthy eating program. In 1997 they were invited to Wisconsin’s Appleton Central Alternative High School to implement their program. This school was basically the last stop before prison. The students were disobedient, dropping out and crime was so rampant that full time policeman patrolled the halls to control the violence.
One Monday, students returned to see soda machines and sugar laden cafeteria food had been removed. No more including artificial colors and corn syrup. Instead they had water coolers with water and a cafeteria filled with wholesome fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. Within three months the police officer had little to do and grades were way up. Crime was gone and the drop out rate went to zero. WATCH this remarkable story:



The above information is not new. We have known the importance of nutrition for decades. Why do schools still allow soda machines? Why do we serve junk food in cafeterias?
While we wait for schools to clean up the junk, we can all take action at home now. Please do not bring home junk food. Good nutrition promotes a happy home as well as good students. Will some children still have attention and learning issues when you clean up the diet? Yes, but virtually all improve with good new nutrition. Additional non-drug alternatives can be used to help students who have persistent ADHD symptoms.

Additional tools to help address ADHD:

Neurofeedback (see
Treating hypothyroidism when indicated
Detoxification programs
Targeted supplements based on Testing

Additional Resources: